About the Factory for 3D Printing

Your sparring partner in Additive Manufacturing

Together let’s find  opportunities for Additive Manufacturing in your business
Additive Manufacturing offers you a unique way to solve complex design challenges. But what does this mean for your business? What are your biggest design challenges? And how can Additive Manufacturing deal with and enhance them? Since every business is different, it’s  key to define exactly the opportunities where Additive Manufacturing can add real value to your design. Materialise invites you to merge your experience, knowledge and creativity with ours. Let’s  dive into your reality together and look at it with an additive manufactured mindset. Together we will find out how freedom of design can add functionality to your product. Do you accept our invitation?

Creative engineering leads to revolutionary designs

Meet our  team of engineers who focus on design for Additive Manufacturing
Turning concepts of new products into watertight designs for specific manufacturing technologies is one of the biggest challenges design engineers must cope with. Each manufacturing technology has its rules, and the more experience you have using them, the more you will get out of your design. 
With its huge degree of design freedom, Additive Manufacturing introduces a new way of design thinking. Our team of creative engineers knows how to build a design for Additive Manufacturing. So if you truly want to get the most out of the technologies,  involve us in the engineering stage. As a solid design partner we join you not only in finding unexplored opportunities, but also in turning them into tangible results.

Certified manufacturing maintains the highest of standards

You’ve found the most advanced factory for Additive Manufacturing
You expect reliability, quality and efficiency from a manufacturer. At Materialise, we uphold the highest manufacturing standards. In fact, Materialise owns the world's largest Additive Manufacturing capacity based in one location and treats these technologies as real production techniques. We are ISO 9001 certified and have  medical production that is ISO13485 certified. With 22 years of experience in manufacturing, Materialise offers proven manufacturing standards. Manufacturing projects at Materialise follow dedicated procedures to make sure every single part fits your requirements.