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Serve a niche market and be profitable


Since we’re making products for a niche market, it’s particularly important to keep start-up and investment costs low. With the help of Materialise, we can bring our product to market in a short time while keeping our costs down. Due to this flexible technology, we can also reorder parts quickly and easily, and we're sure they will be delivered just as quickly and easily.” Georg Nygård, Aanderaa Data Instruments AS

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Change your design without hassle


Materialise has made it easy to realize the small series production of our state-of-the-art handheld 3D scanners. Using Additive Manufacturing, we can introduce new technologies to our products with an extremely high degree of flexibility.” Geert Vandenhoudt, Nikon Metrology




Add functionality without limitations

Especially when you have limited space, and when you want to displace heat, air or water in an unconventional way, or when you need lightweight structures, there is no other technology that offers the same degree of design freedom to solve complex design challenges.” Dries Vandecruys, Design Engineer Materialise

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