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328 handles the maintenance, modification and refurbishment of the Do328 fleet. In preparation to re-launch serial production of this aircraft, 328 works with Materialise to make plastic spare parts lighter, cheaper, and faster to produce.
Each kilogram put into orbit costs around $20,000. Every gram saved helps make space a more attainable frontier. So Materialise worked together with the engineering division of Atos, a global leader in digital services, to reinvent a titanium insert that is widely used in satellites.
When 3D Printing meets the right application and the right partners, it has the potential to turn around an entire industry. Meet Yuniku, the world’s first 3D-tailored eyewear to introduce vision-centric design — and an open digital platform that allows any eyewear brand to do likewise.
When you are revealing your latest concept to the design world you need a prototype that truly represents your vision and shows your design to its full potential. You need a 3D printing partner you can trust to deliver high-quality parts, each in the right technology and material.
Making the most of Additive Manufacturing means taking a new approach to design. For this suction gripper, our Design & Engineering team evolved the design until we had a 3D-printed part that costs less than one-third of the original, is nearly a quarter of the weight, and needs no assembly.
The Cubetto Playset is a tangible interface which teaches children programming logic without needing to read. Starting life as a Kickstarter Project, Primo Toys needed to deliver a short series run for their initial orders. They found their ideal production method in Additive Manufacturing.
What was your last eye test at the optician’s like? Materialise’s partnership with HOYA is bringing in a virtual reality simulator that lets you truly experience lenses before buying them, while a brand-new, high-precision eye examination system offers opticians a choice of 60 vision tests.
Having set the bar up high, Materialise and Hoet are back with all-new frames, featuring all-new innovations including the world’s first 3D-printed adjustable temple system, to expand the 3D-printed Cabrio collection.
Fokker Elmo specializes in solutions to keep the immense wiring of an aircraft clear and manageable before and during installation. With clever 3D-printed assembly tools, Fokker Elmo keeps its production routing process organized, even when handling hundreds of meters of wiring.
In search of a new eyewear collection that would speak to a contemporary, tech-driven and highly individualistic market, Aoyama Optical France turned to Additive Manufacturing — and Materialise. Meet the new We DDD collection of premium consumer-grade eyewear.
Trimble UAS, formerly known as Gatewing, started working with Materialise back when they were designing the surveying and mapping drone Gatewing X100. Four years later, the prototyping partnership has evolved into an ongoing certified additive manufacturing project.
The Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT was looking for a real showstopper to present itself at the LASER World of Photonics 2015: a set of 2-meter-tall 3D-printed letters, spelling out the word LIGHT. Behind the light print, though, lies a very heavy file and some clever design work.