How do you tried to make a racecar steering wheel more functional, aesthetic and cost-effective? Formula Group T did just that by collaborating with Materialise for their Formula Student Competition entry.
A baby’s heart rate is an indicator of their respiratory status and an important factor to watch closely. If a newborn requires lung ventilations but does not receive it in time, the infant might pass away. The traditional method of detecting a newborn’s heart rate is by using a stethoscope which makes it quite difficult to continuously monitor. Laerdal Medical collaborated with Materialise to co-create an easy-to-use, easy-to-manufacture NewBorn Heart Rate Sensor that helps medical staff see when the newborn needs medical attention.
Birds are beautiful creatures. However, if you work in aviation, waste management or agriculture, you will be aware that birds can be a very tough problem to deal with. They can endanger passenger safety by damaging an aircraft, spread disease or ruin crops. Dutch company Clear Flight Solutions responds to these problems and limits bird nuisance with high-tech ‘Robirds’, 3D printed at Materialise
Following their reputation as engineers of the future, the members of the Punch Powertrain Solar Team wanted to incorporate 3D printed components in their solar car for The World Solar Challenge 2013.
Ever since they started in 1987, Belgian bags and accessories brand Kipling has given its monkey mascot a prominent role. No one can say “Kipling bag” without referring to the iconic monkey key chains. For their latest collection “Monkey Madness”, Kipling and Materialise took it one step further. Based on the Monkey Madness collection, the “City Jungle Shopper” is a co-creation between Kipling and Materialise to showcase Kipling’s trademark monkey in the world’s first fully-flexible 3D Printing material TPU 92A-1.
Following the success of the Areion (the world’s first “3D Printed” race car) in 2012, the Formula Group T team developed and raced a brand new car for the 2013 season, Eve. Just like her predecessor, Eve made a strong statement about the power of advanced technologies. Working together with the Design and Engineering team at Materialise, Formula Group T took 3D Printing to the next level once more, using the freedom of design to solve technical challenges which only 3D Printing can truly take on.
On Sunday 10th November after the debut of the world’s first flying dress, Volantis, Lady Gaga walked the red carpet in another cutting- edge creation by Studio XO, the 3D printed Parametric Sculpture Dress. Wearing the dress, she joined ArtHaus collaborator Jeff Koons to meet the world’s media and officially launch ArtRave.
Materialise is proud to announce the official launch of a new heat-resistant material for 3D printing: UltemTM 9085 Black. With its advanced long-term heat and flame resistance, UltemTM 9085 Black provides a new option in durable Fusion Deposition Modeling materials to industries such as automotive and aerospace manufacturing where parts need to withstand prolonged heat exposure.
With the support of Materialise, and a high quality prototype, Czech company Plastkon launched a new snow sled that exceeded their commercial expectations.
During the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA) in September, a very unique 3D printed dress was unveiled. Designed by Anouk Wipprecht in collaboration with .MGX designer Niccolὸ Casas, and 3D printed by Materialise, the “Smoke Dress” automatically creates a veil of smoke whenever someone enters the personal space of the wearer. The dress was brought to life as part of a special eight-piece collection for Volkswagen, and was showcased in a series of runway shows at their IAA booth.
Always at the forefront of innovation, Nike enlisted London-based architect and digital designer Daniel Widrig, one of the collaborators behind the first 3D printed dress, to create a sculpture that captures the “essence of the body in motion” to promote the world launch of their Nike Free and Nike Flyknit special edition running shoes. Materialise is proud to have had the privilege and challenge of helping Nike and Daniel bring the delicate essence of human movement to life.
New York Fashion Week 2013 has come to an end. While magazines and newspapers the world round start sharing their highlights from the runway, Materialise would also like to take a moment to look at the shows and events we contributed to.