In industrial automation, speed, accuracy and precision are of the essence. Grippers used to pick and place items in the production line are a great example. The better you tailor them to the purpose they serve, the better they perform. But that's usually both time-consuming and expensive. Or isn’t it?
Imagine owning an impressive 100-meter long yacht. What’s the best way to enter a harbor in style? The bow of the luxury yacht KISMET is now adorned with a massive majestic jaguar, good for scaring off any maritime threats. Materialise was delighted to help make this yacht owner’s dream come true.
In more than a 100 years of automobile history, only a handful of cars hit the books as iconic models. One such model is the Mercedes 300 SL. Today, the original spirit of a 55-year-old beauty was brought back to life with 3D-printed spare parts.
With Bawsome, you can personalize glasses according to frame (both front and temples) and lens color. Not only that, but you can also write messages on the side in the color of your choice to “change your accessory into a statement”.
In terms of energy, we often see the human body as a consumer. But what if we thought about people not only as energy eaters, but also as energy generators? At Energeticon, a permanent exhibition on energy development in Alsdorf, Germany, you can actually see the human body as a mini power plant.
According to the United Nations, 45% of fruit and vegetables spoil before they reach the market. This means that almost half of the labor and investments are squandered as well. Instead of trying to double production to compensate for the losses, an inventive young Belgian product developer decided to tackle the root cause: storage!
“The moment you pick it up, life becomes art.” With this sentence Panasonic perfectly describes the concept of its Lumix GM1: extremely compact, amazing performance, wonderful style. Add some 3D printing, and it gets even better.
By embedding Intel Edison, Anouk Wipprecht created "Synapse", a 3D-printed smart dress based on biosensors that takes user experience to the next level.
Combining functionality, price, and aesthetics into one outstanding race car steering wheel, students at Formula Group T showed contest judges just what 3-maticsSTL can do.
A baby’s breathing needs to be watched closely after birth but traditional methods make continuous monitoring difficult. Laerdal Medical called on Materialise to help create a life-saving solution.
Birds are beautiful creatures but they can also be a very tough problem in many professions. Enter high-tech ‘Robirds’ – Clear Flight Solutions’ innovative 3D Printed creation to limit bird nuisance.
Following their reputation as engineers of the future, the members of the Punch Powertrain Solar Team wanted to incorporate 3D printed components in their solar car for The World Solar Challenge 2013.