3D Design Software and Engineering for 3D Printing

Design & Engineering Services

Our engineering team focuses on 3D Printing for manufacturing

With its huge degree of design freedom, 3D Printing has introduced a new way of thinking about design. Our team of creative engineers knows how to build a design specifically for 3D Printing. If you truly want to get the most out of these technologies, get us involved in your project in the design phase.

Materialise has an international team of 15 highly specialized designers and CAD engineers who support customers in different industries with dedicated design for Additive Manufacturing. The engineering team is supported by more than 130 Additive Manufacturing machines, specialists for every technology and a battery of software developers.

Design for Additive Manufacturing

The Materialise Clever Design Wall shows how to surpass today’s design limitations.

Having one of the world’s largest in-house Additive Manufacturing production capacity under one roof, our design engineers know the strengths and limits of Additive Manufacturing technologies better than anyone. We work with you to:

  • Maximize functional integration
  • Align design with material and technological strengths
  • Maximize consistency
  • Minimize costs

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Materialise adds texture to Samsonite’s S-Cure  prototype.

Surface texturing

Thanks to Materialise’s 3-matic software, textures can be applied directly on a STL file of complex 3D shapes which can then be printed. This is the only way to realize prototypes that include real texture. Texturing also provides extra value to your Additive Manufacturing projects by adding aesthetics or functionality.

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Lightweight structures created with Materialise’s 3-matic software.Lightweight structures

One of the key advantages of Additive Manufacturing is the flexibility to create shapes which are impossible or too costly to produce with traditional technologies. Our engineers can optimize your designs and translate them into lightweight components.

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Data optimization for Rapid Prototyping

Materialise helped Jaguar engineers realize a durable CX-75 concept car by adding the required internal strengthening ribs and structures.

Our engineering team will help you with your most challenging prototype projects with the following services:

  • File repair of scanned data or CAD assemblies
  • Creation of 3D file (B surface design) starting from A-face data
  • Complex cuts
  • Generation of reinforcement structures
  • Fast creation of scale models for wind tunnel testing and other applications

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3D Scanning & Measuring

Our engineers advise you on the best method based on the nature of your object

3D Scanning is a very complementary technology with 3D printing. Materialise houses the latest precision instruments in order to offer you a complete and professional scanning service for quality control, STL + print and reverse engineering

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